Fall-Safe Liquid Vinyl Flooring

A revolution in flooring for hospitals and healthcare environments and environments where vertical noise reduction and safety is a necessity.

A solvent free elastomeric polyurethane self-smoothing floor system for commercial, healthcare and institutional applications installed on to a 6mm thick rubber crumb mat fully bonded to the substrate.

The Noise Reduction floor system is a fully seamless floor surface without welds or joints eliminating potential bug traps with an ergonomically warm comfortable feel.

The floor provides a durable hygienic surface with quiet comfort and stylish functionality but is as robust as traditional vinyl safety flooring. The floor surface is resilient to scratching and has a high degree of energy absorption. The floor system through its elastomeric nature is sound deadening and is resistant to cigarette burns and high-heeled shoes. The floor system is permanently elastic and provides a long-lasting wear resistant surface.

The high-energy absorption capacity of this floor system reduces the risk of injury from falls to both young and old.


  • Thickness – 8 to 10 mm
  • High energy absorption capacity reducing injury from falls
  • Warm, comfortable feel underfoot
  • Cigarette burn resistant
  • Non-slip finish
  • Permantly elastic, wear resistant floor
  • Reduced noise transfer providing quieter floors
  • Hygienic floor finish for hospitals and healthcare
  • Monolithically bonded to the substrate for increased hygiene
  • Easy to clean, resilient surface
  • No welds or joins, expansion joints can be overlaid
  • Reduces horzontal noise transmission
  • Available in a range of colours

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