About Ecoflor

Ecoflor install specialist resin floor systems from the World’s leading resin manufacturers. We have bespoke resin floor systems unique to us, with coloured blends, textures and finishes tailored to client's specific requirements.

We provide a complete specialist floor installation service and work with clients from concept to completion ensuring success in both performance and aesthetics. Each floor specification and installation is tailored to ensure current and future performance criteria against cost and time constraints.

Why Choose an Ecoflor Resin Floor?

A well-specified floor will lead to a brighter, cleaner, safer and more attractive, efficient working environment.Choosing the wrong type of floor can lead to personal injuries, lost production or premature failure resulting in frequent maintenance or early replacement.

Ecoflor - From Concept to Completion

Each project is treated individually and a specification produced following a site survey for both Industrial Floor and Hygienic Floor and Wall projects.
Our mechanical surface preparation techniques are vacuum controlled allowing for rapid, dust-free surface preparation providing an ideal, clean substrate for the application of our systems.
We provide a full cleaning recommendation with each installation with details of suitable cleaning solutions, techniques and schedules to keep your newly installed floor system looking pristine.

Flooring Applications

Industrial Resin Flooring
An extensive and comprehensive range of industrial resin floor systems tailored to client’s individual requirements, timescales and budgets.
Hygienic Resin Flooring
Specialist seamless systems for healthcare and education and anti-microbial floor systems for all hygienic and industrial applications.
Commercial Resin Flooring
The widest range of decorative resin floors with the ability to create stunning floor effects. Click below to go to our commercial floor website.


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