Performance Floor Coatings

We have a range of industrial floor coatings to provide chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and a bright attractive working environment.

Our Solvent Free Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings are available in medium or high build finishes with attractive high gloss, satin or matt finishes. They provide a seamless, impervious surface reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and can greatly increase the overall aesthetics of working environments. High light reflectance can also lead to reduce lighting requirements.

Our Resin Floor Coatings are available as textured systems to reduce slip incidents and we also have a specially developed attractive matt topcoat system for resin coatings that provides excellent slip resistance without impairing the cleanability of the floor. The matt topcoat available also greatly enhances the scratch and abrasion resistance of the floor coating increasing the overall longevity of the system.


  • Thickness - 350 microns to 1.5mm
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including Skydrol
  • Easy to clean and with ease of decontamination
  • Non-dusting attractive surface in a range of finishes
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • Light reflecting aesthetic floor finish
  • Anti-microbial hygienic coating available
  • Low Reflective Glare Finish available
  • Extensive Colour Range Available

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